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Well, Happy New Year

As we grab a mug of the grog tonight and rally round to sing Auld Lang Syne remember to latch on to your neighbour’s arm in the proper Scottish way—only at the last verse. I’ll not disgrace the tune by … Continue reading

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Forging the chains that chaffe: Canada’s Foreign Policy

The Harper government’s foreign policy amounts to dissing the UN, slavishly supporting Israel right or wrong, scolding the EU (while promoting a banking policy they opposed in opposition), and signing economic agreements with anyone with a pulse. John Baird managed … Continue reading

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The Vote Is In—America Needs a New Paradigm

It seems Americans are in for more of the same legislative gridlock as before the election. How Congress deals with the looming fiscal cliff will be telling. If you look at the exit polls, the vote split along America’s fault … Continue reading

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