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This site is called Connecting the Dots … because we are all too busy in the world to think clearly about the world. And who can blame us: kids, careers, jobs, taxes, credit card payments, TV, video games, TV, shopping, TV. As TS Eliot once remarked, that we can all sit and watch the same thing at the same time and be lonely and unmoved is a truly terrifying existence.

With these essays, I am trying to connect some of the dots I see between politics, the economy, religion, education and the arts to figure out what picture is emerging. It’s an imperfect science (more like a black art actually, like reading the entrails of birds), and I’m sure I haven’t drawn the whole picture, let alone the right conclusions.

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To non-profit news agencies and rabble-rousing sites: Feel free to use what you see here;  just let me know by leaving a comment with a link to your site.
To for-profit agencies: Send me a note with a proposed fee and terms.

I have worked in government (Ontario Government) and the private sector (advertising). I have also worked with a number of NGOs: President of the Writers Guild and board member for the Alliance of TV and Radio Artists (ACTRA), Communications Director of the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA), board member for the Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment (CONE), Coordinator for the Saugeen Ojibway Nation Environment Office. Now, it’s writing: fiction and non-fiction, policy analysis, and grant applications.

A few thoughts:

  • Religion is the foundation of culture. (Right Max?)
  • Culture is what’s bred in the bone. (Thanks Robertson)
  • Fate is nothing more than culture acted out.
  • Nothing happens without a reason or a season. (Turn, turn, turn)
  • You are never alone among trees. (Thanks Jan)
  • And winter is the best time for this sort of work. (Right Lenore?)

Bruce Trail at Neyaashiinigamiing


7 Responses to About This Site

  1. Hi David,

    I read your most recent blog post in StraightGoods and am wondering if you’d let me reprint the column (“The merits of investing in crime”) in the April 7 issue of my e-magazine, X-Ray.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  2. daveM says:

    F-35 article posted to http://f-35-update.blogspot.com/

    Hopefully many Canadians will have an opportunity to read your work

  3. Michael Posluns says:

    I like your article on the Conservative management of deficits. I do, however, want to quibble with one phrase. When my students in a policy theory course would tell the class, “This isn’t rocket science,” I would tell them, “Actually policy development is much more complex than rocket science.” The rocket need only be thrust up into space and maintain a designated trajectory. Policy, in contrast, needs to address a wide variety of trajectories. John Ralston Saul observed that when the Conservatives have won elections in Canada it has often been by coming out slightly to the left of the Liberals. I’m not so sure that applies in the recent election, but I do think it applied to Diefenbaker. To do that Diefenbaker had to keep up a juggling act of concessions to his Conservative base interspersed with concessions to the poor, the working middle class and various modestly liberal movements. I suspect that neither you nor I were much impressed with his attempt at juggling. I simply want to suggest that the person who might have pulled it off would have needed to juggle several trajectories at once.


    Mickey Posluns.

  4. Luke Bailey says:

    Hello David,

    The Toronto Star is looking for community correspondents for the 2011 Ontario election to report on their communities, and we think you would be a great candidate!

    You can read more information and apply by visiting the website below:


    -Luke Bailey

  5. DAVID McLaren says:

    Snap…………… I have the same name as you and I’m also an author,,,,,,,is it in the genes?
    My books: Hotel Le Brambily and Saving Starfish……..are world best sellers in my family…….Did you know the moon is exactly the right size and exactly the right distance from earth to cause an exact eclipses. A few feet out and it wouldn’t be perfect…but it is perfect…do YOU know what that means…? No I don’t either………but if you think it’s an interesting fact…we might be related. I’ll leave with you a thought…BOARS ROCK…… which will mystify other readers but you will know what it means…………..have a good day……..
    ps you’re now asking so I’ll tell….I’m a retired industrial Psychologist living in the UK………spitting in the eye of some monster who goes by the name of cancer…………….

  6. Bill Dare says:

    interlinked your article on Wynne’s wiiiin to TVO blog article on election

  7. Youth for youth says:

    I was just wondering about the issues in ippawash, us other native community’s want to help and we will stratagize on our side to help ippawash & support em, we don’t wish to cause conflict we just want to know what can be done or what they would like to try n accomplish most of us are still in collage n wouldn’t mind traveling down to work in the community, from us to them we have been told we were young native n just party kids but we pushed threw that negativity n worked on working for our community n make decisions for us so we could have the changes n resources needed for the place we wanted for our future children and we wish to help out our fellow brothers and sisters to do the same we would love to learn about there true culture just like we love to learn about egiption culture, and our own, we understand how the government can be with racism assimilation n broken promises.
    So we The youth Would like to help Ippawash.

    We enjoy your blogs and would like you to help us help them provide us with info we can’t ask them ourselves or find on google.
    Please help us help them by raising awareness.

    Thank you sincerely yours,

    Youth for youth.

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